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Aluminum profile sand blasting machine

Aluminum profile sand blasting machine

Shot rotation (adjusted by transducer) : 1600~2400r/min
Feeding speed (adjusted by transducer): 4~8m/min
Total Power: about 58kw
Effective shot area (W×H): 850 mm×240 mm
Day output : about 20~30 Tons/day
Electricity consumption: about 25kw/h per Ton
Aluminium consumption: less than 1 kg /Ton
Sand consumption: 0.5~1.0kg/Ton



1. Several shot guns are speed adjustment controlled by

independent frequency converter, shot four side of

aluminium profile evenly,suitable for all kinds of profile.

2. Automatic sand discharging device, remove the sand

which remain in slot of profile.

3. Double whirlwind dust cleaning device and water

type dust cleaning device, excellent dust removing


4. High efficiency, PLC control.

5. Interval for material feeding is reduced to 5 seconds.

6. Sand recovery system, save sand consumption.

7.Automatically Remove aluminum scraps and

impurities in steel sand.

8.Auto steel sand dust removing device  .