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Double Puller
Single billet heating furnace
Aluminum sand blasting machine
Full automatic multi-billet heating furnace with hot shear
PA66 Nylon strip automatic product line
Aluminum profile aging furnace

Aluminum profile aging furnace

4baskets/6baskets/9baskets/12baskets/18baskets aging furnace
Basket size: 800*600mm(Customized)
Capacity:about 1000kg/basket
Fuel: Natural gas, LPG, Diesel oil
Thermal insulation thickness: 200mm
Seal: The unique seal design, good sealing performance.

application: enhance hardness of profile

Design type: single door, double door, chain type, roller type

fuel: oil or gas


aging oven body(including electricity cabinet) 1set

trolley 2set

sbearings for trolley 2pcs

control box of burner  2pcs

fuel relief system(pressure from 0.5-0.8bar to about 5Kpa) 1set