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Trend of automobile lightweight, aluminum enterprises should be how to grasp the trend of The Times?
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Aluminium is a metal recycling sex is extremely strong, cycle time only lost about 5%. At the same time, the recovery of heavy energy consumption and emission is to extract bauxite aluminium only 5%. To a certain extent, aluminium is a metal resources "renewable". From 1988 to 2016, the world produce about 1.35 billion tons of aluminum, is still around 75% in use.

In automobile industry, the quality of oil saving 6% ~ 8%, reduce 10% per 1 kg per use aluminium, can reduce car pooling within the term of 20 kg emissions, save energy by aluminum is the parts used in aluminium production energy consumption of 6 ~ 12 times. And as a result of the surface treatment technology is getting better and better, improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum products, extend the service life and metal of aluminum is also a kind of green environmental protection.

But the car if you want to realize the lightweight, use full aluminium structure is the optimal choice at the moment. But the key point of design lies in how to meet the requirements of the vehicle performance indexes such as stiffness and strength at the same time, the realization of lightweight.

Automobile lightweight, it is the demand of environmental protection, is the demand for deepening the reform of the supply side, is the demand of the manufacturing industry structural adjustment, conform to the state plan for the long-term economic development.

First of all, aluminum enterprises managers to change ideas, reform the supply side, structural adjustment; After continuous improvement, improve technology, upgrade on technology, structural adjustment; Update equipment, optimizing production, reform is driven by innovation. To grasp the trend of The Times, these are made of aluminum enterprises nearly stage need to change.

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